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NC General Assembly in session, having convened January 14, 2015.

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Sunday Hunting in NC -Talking Points  

  • In a poll commissioned by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission released in November 2006, 65 percent of the general population opposes legalizing hunting on Sunday. Only 25 percent of the general population supported Sunday hunting.
  • Sunday is presently the only day of the week many outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy many other recreational activities without fear of being shot. Many persons and families pursue picnicking, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, climbing & biking activities on Sundays, knowing they are safe from rifle fire and arrows from bow hunters. Sunday hunting compromises this safe enjoyment of many outdoor recreational activities.
  • While people need a rest on Sundays, so do the animals. One day per week allows the animal resources to rest.

  • The current ban protects rural churches from disruptions that would be caused by Sunday hunting. Many rural churches have services that begin early in the morning and continue well into the afternoon.

  • Sunday hunting is not family-friendly. The current ban encourages hunters to spend Sunday at home with their families, while a change would entice hunters to be away from their families the entire weekend. Many wives have stated they are against Sunday hunting.
  • According to comments by Wildlife Resources Commission officers in other contexts, Sunday hunting would strain existing resources by further stretching or requiring additional personnel to enforce hunting regulations on another day of the week. There has been no increase in the number of enforcement officers since 1974.

  • Sunday hunting proposals in 2009 seemed small and insignificant to many.  However, those who understand the political process were not deceived. These proposals would have been “the camel’s nose under the tent.” If some hunting were to be allowed, very quickly the Commissioners would support "in fairness" every type of hunting on Sunday.

  • The push for Sunday hunting in the face of opposition by the majority of North Carolinians is another example of the arrogance and pride of the appointed Wildlife Resources Commissioners, or at least some of them. The Commissioners who have pushed for Sunday hunting seem to have no regard for the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments, and the wisdom of allowing man and beast to rest one day per week.  In an email, Steve Windham, the 2009 WRC Chairman mentioned made Sunday Hunting the first issue he addressed in a series of questions he answered for the WRAL "Ask Anything" series.  This was a signal that the WRC would support such legislation.  They did not prevail, and we will continue to oppose Sunday hunting.


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